Saturday, March 17, 2012

Almond, Bean, Grain Burgers

Rewind back a week.
It's Friday night, I'm waiting for my roommate to finish up in the grocery store and I'm talking to my mom on the phone in my car. As usual, we're talking about our cooking plans for the weekend. She intends to make quinoa fritters--for, like, the third time! I told you she'd love them--and I tell her I intend on making Almond, Bean, Grain burgers.
She immediately sounds skeptical. "That sounds weird," she tells me.
If you knew my mother's cooking history, you'd understand why I scoffed at her reply. "You think it sounds weird? You have no room to speak."
"I know, I know--you're right," she concedes. But she's still not convinced about my burgers.

Well, this post is dedicated to my mother (here is where I insert a shameless plug: check out her homemade greeting cards, here.) Mom--I told you they'd be delicious!

My roommate and I had ourselves the perfect friday night meal--my veggie burgers, her sweet potato fries, and tasty wheat beer. to love a  night in with made-from-scratch deliciousness. Definitely give this burger a try. I found the recipe here. I didn't make the sauce, because I don't like strawberries. I put mustard on my bun and that was all I needed! (My roommate enjoyed hers with a bit of ketchup, and was equally satisfied!)

Now, fast forward to the present. Tonight, I plan on making my first homemade pizza dough. My mom got me a baking stone for my birthday (because she's so great!) and I'm going to break it in this evening. Hopefully all goes well. I'll try and blog about it tomorrow.
Then...if you don't hear from me for a while, it's because my freezer looks like this:
I've got some eating to do.
I was on the hunt for tempeh recipes just the other day and my roommate told me no--not until April. She's right...

Have a great weekend!


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