So, you’d like to know a little about us? Okay, here’s the short of it.

We are two vegetarians on a journey. Our destination isn’t far—just down the hall and around the corner where our kitchens reside—but our vocation is significant. Together, we are on a mission to showcase a truth that many carnivores may not believe to be legitimate; we are on a mission to share the reality that we herbivores have just as many delicious meal options as anyone else. Furthermore, we seek to prove that our choices are endless and our diet does not suffer from a lack of variety.

But, it doesn’t stop there. In fact, we’ve hardly begun. We’ve created rules for ourselves, or boundaries, if you will. You see—our dietary allowance isn’t all about everything but meat. As young women facing the world as post graduates, making ends meet the best way we know how, and trying with our every breath to grow into who we are to become—in Christ, in life, in love—we are seeking the most fulfilling existence we can manage. We believe that our diets, while seemingly insignificant in the grand scheme of things, are actually quite important. We want what we put into our bodies to be a reflection of who we are and how we respect ourselves, our world—and our pocketbook. So, on our expedition we’ll not only be making and sharing foods without meat, we’ll also be making as much as we can from scratch—eliminating the majority of preservatives while broadening our knowledge in the kitchen.

Feel free to tag along for the ride, as we share recipes, stories of success (and, probably, failures) while we navigate our way through a healthier, more fulfilling diet.

Rosalyn's Story
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