Monday, December 5, 2011

Pumpkin-Apple Chips

At this point in the season, pumpkin spice has completely replaced cinnamon in my diet (sorry cinnamon).

I saw this (click!) on pinterest (follow me!), and had a small burst of excitement that went something like this:

"Ohhh I LOVE apple chips..."
"And two hours to kill"
"OMG These would be amazing with pumpkin spice instead of cinnamon!"

So... I spent the last two hours enjoying the smell of simmering apple slices. They taste even better than they smell.

They are crispy on the outside with little bursting pockets of juice that happened to survive the hour in the oven.

They are perfect, and... almost gone.

Hope your Monday was delicious, 


  1. That looks good! I am starting to like pumpkin spice more than cinnamon too... it's healthier =)

    Great post.

  2. I'm going to make these and eat them with a boatload of vanilla bean ice cream. oh yeah!

    anyway, stopping by and following you from
    bloggin buddies. would love to see you over at my blog:

  3. My I can almost taste, as well as smell these from your description! Before trying the recipe, though, I'll follow your blog and hope you'll do the same - as suggested by our illustrious leader of the Blogging Buddies team. The forum has been a great help to me - and I do enjoy having a session reading, following and inviting fellow bloggers and Etsians to join me at my blog - I describe how I make, mend and otherwise create soft toys, which I then try to sell at Hope to see you there soon. Cheers. Isobel



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