Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pumpkin-Oatmeal-Chocolate chip-Cookies

Every so often a recipe will really jump out at me. Sometimes, I read a recipe and have to immediately go to the grocery store for the ingredients that I am missing and get right to cooking. Tonight, this exact scenario happened, only I had all of the necessary items to start baking right away...which is how I came to have way too many (freaking amazing and delicious) cookies. 

Tonight I made cookies from a recipe on a friend's blog. Kailin is the blogger at Just Nourishment and she is amazing at what she does. She has a degree in nutrition and dietetics and cares a lot about helping people eat healthy. Check out her blog and please, make this recipe! I mean, who puts pumpkin in oatmeal cookies?! It so genius! You will not regret reading her blog or using her recipes.

Love and cookies, 

PS: I dunked mine in ice cold vanilla soy milk....OMG. 

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  1. one of my fave things to make around the holidays is pumpkin chocolate chip muffins... I can just imagine how AMAAAAAZING these cookies taste!! :D



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